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The fees for your proposal are worked out in one of three ways:

  • The first is a percentage of the build cost.  To do this we calculate an approximate build cost based on previous experience of your type of project, together with the scope and complexity.  The percentage cost is usually around 7% with 3.5% for the Planning Stage and 3.5% for the Building Regulation Stage.
  • The second is worked out on a lump sum basis.  This will give a degree of certainty from the outset of the project and is a good way to go if the scope of works and the terms of appointment are straight forward.  If those change however, the fees would have to be re-negotiated to reflect the changes.
  • The third is fees based on an hourly rate.  This is generally used when the scope of works is difficult to define, or there is likely to be major changes to the project during the design and planning stages.  The hourly rate is also used for situations within a percentage or lump sum fee agreement where these agreed amounts do not cover additional work required, such as changes to a scheme following receipt of advice from a pre-application.  The hourly rate is also used for on-site work such as attending meetings.  These hourly fees can be capped to a maximum spend during a project.

The choice of fee structure would be based on the project and the needs of you as the client.  These would be discussed at an early stage of the scheme.

In all cases it is best to get in touch and we can discuss your needs and costs.




There are times when we will have to pay money out to ensure the smooth running of your project.  These could include costs such as postage, telephones, travel, printing costs, accommodation.  These costs are not included within the fees.  In addition, some requirements for applications such as block and location plans are also not included.  We try to keep these costs to a minimum, and we are more than happy to discuss these costs with you at an early stage.


We do not include for any additional professionals such as structural engineers and local authority fees.  We will always discuss the requirement and cost of these with you before proceeding.


If in doubt, please give us a ring and we will be happy to discuss this with you.

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